Painting can significantly enhance wide range of building functional characteristics. Many homeowners spend a lot of money in heating and cooling their homes. White wall and roof coating provides reflectivity thus saving the energy you could have used to cool your home. The new tech can also be incorporated into the paint to cool roof than just using white paint.

There are many purposes for using paint in building construction. These includes increase the visual appeal of building surface, protect surface against weathering impact, make the surface water proof, protect surface from termite attack and increase the surface durability.


Interior Wall and Ceiling

Distemper: Distemper is common type paint used in interior wall and ceiling.
Plastic Paint: It is also called plastic emulsion paint or interior emulsion paint.

Exterior Wall Surface

Cement Paint: It is water based paint. It gives nice finish to newly constructed building.
Acrylic Emulsion: It has high capability to withstand against weathering impact. It gives surface a nice and durable finish.

Wooden Surface

Traditional paint for wood is varnish. But now a days many people choose modern version of varnish “polyurethane and melamine” for wood finishes. It allows wood grains to see through it unlike varnish.

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