Project Management


Based on your provided floor plan our experienced designers will provide project suited, modern and cost effective designs.Right from design to installation, our Experts will take you step-by-step to realize your dream into a reality. Green Home competency is translated into increased customer satisfaction, through innovative and efficient design, world-class quality and excellent craftsmanship.


Green Home Group is the perfect choice to all those with an eye for an elegant design. From modular designs to a full range of components, the Expert offers designer spaces for contemporary lifestyles.


Based on site requirements our logistics coordinators will completely schedule and plan timely delivery to the site. This will enable us to avoid any unnecessary storage allocation or coordination work on site. We offer innovative transportation and logistics technologies optimizing the supply chain and enhancing flexibility.


Our experienced onsite project management team will ensure that the project runs as per the systems and procedures with high priority on timely delivery, onsite safety measures and smooth installation.


Customers are the assets of our company. Our full service package continues even after the project finishing . With quality and customer satisfaction being our prime priority, our after sales support team is able to provide swift reply to any customer requests and provide replacements if required.

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